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AcroBee RTF Kit

As most of you know now, we have been hard at work designing what we think is the best RTF Kit for a whoop out there. Most RTF kits use generic radios or goggles made from other companies for the sake of putting together a kit. Our approach was to make a box goggle different from everyone else that incorporated a carrying case inside the goggle along with room for batteries and a built-in charger. If you'd like to stay current with updates, changes, and the release, sign up for our mailing list below to make sure you don't miss anything.

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When will there be technical support documentation online for this product? I still have unresolved issues.


Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen

The FPV feature has only allowed me to view a live feed 2 flights out of 10 that I've made. It wont connect to the channel and give a strong connection which makes it impossible to fly. How can I fix this issue so that I can fly in FPV?

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