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Premiere Pro for FPV Video Editing

Here is the second video in our series Premiere Pro for FPV Video Editing. In this tutorial, we will explore The Dolly Zoom effect and's free smooth transitions pack.

The Dolly Zoom:

There are 2 ways the dolly zoom can be performed. Zooming out while the camera is moving forward or zooming in while the camera is moving away. In FPV video it adds a sense of build up that I like to use right before a transition into another clip. The idea is to give the sense that the background is expanding as you move toward it. Free Smooth Transitions Pack:

In FPV, our moves or tricks use either roll, pitch or yaw. These moves create a perfect platform to transition into another scene. When paired with a transition effect that follows that movement into the next clip, you can achieve a seamless transition that creates more excitement in your video.

The video below will explain how to use these effects in Adobe Premiere Pro


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