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The BeeBrain Lite is here

Since the very first version of the BeeBrain, NewBeeDrone has been the leader in all things "Tiny Whoop". With each successive version of the BeeBrain, they have lead the pack in innovating the technology, bringing the next evolution to the community which has introduced the joy of micro fpv to more and more people around the world. It is only natural that they once again, take the next big leap.

Introducing the new BeeBrain Lite.

The new BeeBrain Lite has added some really exciting features to the already great V2. The one that has me most excited about is the patented NBD Active Braking for Brushed Motors. This feature works exactly like it does on bigger brushless motors, actively slowing the propeller momentum down instead of letting it freely spin.

This provides a much more crisp feel when flying and helps rolls and flips recover faster and more locked in.

The second biggest change is now the

Flight Controller, Video transmitter,

ESC's, and Radio Receiver are all in one


Another notable improvement is the video antenna is now a ULF connector so you can choose to use what ever ULF style 5.8ghz video antenna you like.

Here is a quick explanation of the build as I did it

In my build, I am using the NBD Gold Motors and pink Cockroach Frame

First thing I did was install the motors. The motor wires are color coated to let you know where to install them. Easy way I remember which goes where is to say "black and white go upper right". Then you install the same color in the opposite corner of the frame.

This configuration will give you normal prop rotation.

If you install it backwards, dont worry. As long as the same color wires are installed in opposite corners, you only need to change a quick setting in betaflight.

Next, I installed the BeeBrain Lite board. All you need to do is install the rubber grommets on all 4 corners of the board and install it where the power lead comes out the back.

To find the front and back of the Cockroach Frame, turn it over and locate the extra support for the battery cage at the rear. that is the rear of the frame.

Install the forward most screw to before securing the canopy. Then install the remainder of the screws till tight.

Then I installed motor connectors in the bottom of the board

As you probably expected, this Acrobee is awesome. It flies so well that I can to moves that I would only ever try with my 5 inch quadcopters. Since flying this, I have retired my V2 BeeBrain because I cant ever see my self wanting to fly it again when I have this in my possession.

Get yours today at

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Sep 26, 2019

I love my BeeBrain Lite! Come on Guys, release that Brushless Version! All the youtube videos show it working just fine!


Skyview MediaUS
Skyview MediaUS
Dec 15, 2018

Sweet! Cant wait!

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