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Taranis Buzzing???

If you are adding an external transmitter module in your Taranis radio, you may find that while using that module, the internal speaker will emit a "buzzing" noise.

This can be pretty annoying but don't worry, there are several fixes out there that can get rid of it.

When I sought out to fix this problem, I found a few different ways. Because I consider myself a capable solder-er, I decided to add a capacitor to the main board.

Video tutorial for capacitor mod:

When I had my radio apart, I found that my mainboard didn't look like the ones I saw in online tutorials. I then find out that there are different revisions to the board and wiring inside the Taranis depending on when it was manufactured.

Rev-1 image pulled from Google

Rev-2 image pulled from Google

I couldn't find any documentation for a capacitor fix for a Taranis with my revision.

Some people have covered the speaker with aluminum foil and say it fixes it, but I am not going to tape foil to the inside of my radio.

NO! (Image from OpenRC)

Another option I found when researching was installing ferrite clamps on the wires. But another complication came up. My Taranis has ribbon cables attaching the 2 PCB's on each side of the radio so a normal ferrite ring wouldn't work.

There are ribbon cable ferrite rings available on Amazon but they are much more expensive. Other online retailers have them cheaper, but i was ready to fix this now!

I noticed that there was already a ferrite clamp on the wire harness from the mainboard to the speaker PCB. I figured that it was there to help with the buzzing but that it might not be enough.

I decided to add as many ferrite clamps as I could to the wire harness. Heres what I did:

1. I removed the wire harness.

2. I removed the existing ferrite clamp and the zip ties.

3. Added as many of the ferrite clamps as I could.

4. Reinstalled the wire harness.

I put the radio back together and tested it out. Guess what?

The noise is gone!

I hope this helps someone.

Get ferrite clamps here:

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