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Split Mini V2 Good for Racing?

I tested the Caddx Turtle a few weeks back for its ability to substitute as a directly connected fpv cam for racing and recording HD footage. It failed. Since then, Runcam has released its version of a single 20x20 board FPV/HD cam called the Runcam Spilt Mini V2. Lets break it apart.

Runcam’s stated features are as follows:

1080P/60fps HD recording & WDR FPV camera

Power-off protection for video files

Ultra lightweight (12.5g)

Low latency TV-OUT (40ms)

Wide voltage (5-20V)

Anti-drop SD card (using the sd card retaining plate)

FPV aspect ratio 16:9/4:3 switchable

Modular Design: Replaceable Lens and manual focus supported

My question, like it was with the Caddx Turtle, is can this camera be used for competitive racing and also provide the ability to record HD footage?

There are 4 main abilities that this camera needs to be a viable solution.

  • Weight

  • Latency

  • Day/night SD video quality

  • Ability to maintain its daytime latency at night


Runcam Split Mini V2 - 12.5g

Runcam Swift Micro V3 - 5.6g

GoPro Session 5 - 74g


     The Runcam split mini v2 has a tested latency of 37ms average and of 24ms minimum, which puts it right around the performance of the Turtle and many of the other stand alone FPV cameras. Static testing is one thing, but real world testing is another.


     This is an ability, in my opinion, that the Caddx Turtle failed miserably at. I flew the Split Mini V2 in the daytime and at night on the same exact quadcopter that I tested the Caddx Turtle on. No added or subtracted factors influence this comparison. In my testing, this was the biggest surprise of the Split mini V2. The clarity, its ability to handle contrast changes, and its night time brightness were, dare I say, better than my swift v2 and micro v3.


     I don’t have the ability to test latency scientifically so I have to go off of feel alone. Of all the HD/SD combo cameras I have tried, I am happy to say its the best out there! I was able to fly at night with no discernible latency increase over daytime and racing felt the same as my swift micro v3 on an identical quad. I had such a bad experience with the Caddx that I was reluctant to try another HD/SD setup, but I am glad I did. You can get the Split mini V2 and throw it on a race quad, get that HD footage, and still compete!


     They use a different cable to connect the camera to the PCB vs the V1. It is rigid and long and I had difficulty managing it in my very tight build. The lens is not a standard size lens so getting your favorite FOV could be difficult.


     Absolutely, YES! If you are looking to record HD footage while racing without tugging around the weight of a GoPro or the like this is the one Id recommend. I did not expect to like this product and leave it on my competition race frame, but after testing it, I will absolutely keep it installed. Expect some real race footage soon…

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