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FrSky M9 Gimbal Problem

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

If you are the proud owner of Frsky M9 and possibly M7 gimbals, most likely you will one day have this problem. After enough usage, the M9 gimbals will fail from a weak point in the design. You will be flying along having a great time ripping soccer balls when all of a sudden this will happen...

It will most likely happen with the yaw axis but could happen with roll or pitch or, god forbid, throttle.

The fix is easy but it could be prevented saving you a little time or a lot of heart ache.

If you check the axis that failed on your stick indicator of your Taranis you will find at some spot during the throw of the gimbal the stick will peg full throw without requesting that location as shown below.

If you see this, open up your radio and access the gimbal wiring. All the wiring to the hall effect sensors may look okay but give them a slight tug to reveal this:

The fix is very easy if you have a bit of soldering skill. Simply re-solder the wires in the correct order.

Be careful not to squeeze the wires too hard as the cheap plastic insulation will melt exposing the wires as happened to me.

Now here is where, if you took the time, this could be avoided in the first place or ensure it will be much harder to have happen again. I added a bit of hot glue between the wires and the sensor retaining bracket to move the stress point away from the solder joints. See below:

That's it, you are good to go.

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Here is the repair video:

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